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How do private organizations apply to invite Mainland artists to perform in Taiwan?

(1) The Regulations Governing the Entry Permission to the Taiwan Area for the People from Mainland China (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations Governing Permission") stipulates that people of the Mainland Area applying to enter the Taiwan Area must have the application submitted by an approved sponsoring organization in the Taiwan Area. The sponsor must be in a professional field related to the application and must have obtained organization and group certifications or industrial and commercial certifications. The following documents must also be submitted with the application:

1. Entry and Exit Permit Application Form

2. Photocopies of a passport (license) issued in the Mainland Area and valid for at least six months; and a Mainland Area resident identity card or documents sufficient to prove the applicant's identity.

3. Letter of Guarantee: Persons meeting provisions in Paragraph 3, Article 6 of the Regulations Governing Permission are exempt from this requirement.

4. Applicants residing in overseas areas, Hong Kong or Macau must also provide a photocopy of the re-entry visa, residence permit, and Hong Kong or Macau identity card.

5. Evidentiary documentation related to the purpose or activities for the application to enter the Taiwan Area (such as group roster, professional activity plan and itinerary, evidentiary documents for the applicant and inviting body qualifications, etc.).

6. Documents specified by the competent authority or competent authority for the target industry.

(2) The sponsoring organization should submit the application on behalf of the applicant through the "Online System for Applications by People of the Mainland Area, Hong Kong and Macau to Visit Taiwan for Professional Exchanges" under the "Online Application and Certification Management System for Short-term Visits to Taiwan by People of the Mainland Area, Hong Kong and Macau" via the website of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior.

(3) Art and cultural professionals from the Mainland Area visiting Taiwan for short-term professional exchange activities may be issued a single entry and exit permit. However, the competent authority may, when deemed necessary, issue a one-year renewable or multiple entry permit. The period of stay will be approved based on the activity itinerary but shall not exceed six months. An application may be submitted for extension at the expiration of the period of stay. The period of each extension shall not exceed one month and the total duration of stay in a given year shall not exceed six months.