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Are Mainland publications allowed to be imported to Taiwan?

(1) Import of Mainland publications to Taiwan: Under the Regulations for Permitting Mainland Area Publications, Motion Pictures, Video Programs, Radio Broadcasts, or Television Programs to be Imported to the Taiwan Area or Distributed, Sold, Produced, Broadcast, Displayed, Exhibited or Emulated in the Taiwan Area, Mainland publications may be imported to the Taiwan Area only after the Ministry of Culture (MOC), the competent authority, has reviewed the content and determined there are no situations stipulated in Article 4 of the Regulations involved and that the number of such publications has not exceeded the quota announced by the MOC.

(2) Sale of Mainland books in Taiwan: The government began to allow the sale of Mainland’s specialized academic publications for higher education in simplified characters to Taiwan in 2003. Related applications may be handled by the book publishing organization or association entrusted by the competent authorities (the Publishers' Association of the Republic of China, Chinese Book Marketing Development Association, or the Taipei Publishers Association).

(3) Publication of Mainland magazines in Taiwan: In 2003, the government began to allow authorized magazine enterprises in the Taiwan Area to publish traditional Chinese character editions of Mainland magazines in the four categories of "natural ecology," "geography and scenic sights," "culture and arts" and "leisure and recreation."