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What are the application procedures for holding exhibitions in Taiwan for ancient relics from the Mainland Area?

(1) Application for exhibition of ancient relics from the Mainland Area in Taiwan should be made by an institution, school, legal person, organization, or a specialized agency in the Taiwan Area. Certain documents must also be submitted in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Transportation of Relics from the Mainland Area for Public Display and Exhibition in the Taiwan Area that was formulated and promulgated by the government. The requirements include an application form, a plan report, an invitation, a contract, a guarantee letter, a list of the materials for exhibition, a list of photographs of the items for exhibition, a list of the names of special consultants, agreement for personal position, related documents certifying that the items on exhibit are insured, and a list of staff members accompanying the exhibition items. The application must be submitted to the Ministry of Culture, the competent authority, two months before the date of the exhibition.

(2) The exhibition venue for the aforementioned relics shall be a cultural or educational institution or school in Taiwan that is able to provide a good exhibition space and preservation environment for the relics. The sponsoring institution shall not engage in any sale of the relics during the exhibition period. Moreover, the applying entity shall ship all items exhibited back to the Mainland after the end of the public display or exhibition.