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MAC: Zhang Zhijun's Visit to Taiwan Arranged under the Principles of Equality and Dignity; Hopes for Public to Positively View Normal Cross-strait Exchanges and Interaction

  • Date:2014-06-14

June 14, 2014
Mac News Release No. 055

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) sternly refuted an untrue commentary in the Liberty Times today (June 14, 2014) which stated that the "Ma administration clearly has no control." The MAC stated that the itinerary planning for the Mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun’s Taiwan visit has been entirely in line with the principle of equality and dignity. The requests proposed by the Mainland side have all been carefully assessed and thoroughly discussed; the Taiwan side will not simply accept all requests without question. Furthermore, the scheduling for Zhang Zhijun's trip to Taiwan can for now only be confirmed to the week of June 23, however, it does not mean that the government "has been deliberately vague about the timing of the visit to Taiwan," it is hoped that the public will not over-interpret the matter. The MAC will promptly explain to the public the related arrangements once they have been determined.

The MAC stated that it understands the public’s concern over Zhang Zhijun's visit to Taiwan and will promptly complete preparations. The MAC recently began contacting local authorities in New Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung city and will begin operations with the advisory staff of various city governments next week. The MAC is grateful to the city governments for their assistance and arrangements.

The MAC stressed that Zhang Zhijun's upcoming Taiwan visit has important implications for normal official interactions and the benign development of relations across the Taiwan Strait. It will also help Mainland officials in charge of cross-strait affairs to personally experience Taiwan's democracy and pluralistic society, properly understand views in Taiwan on the development of cross-strait relations, and pragmatically and objectively view the cross-strait status quo. The MAC also hopes that all sectors may look at normal official exchanges and interaction across the Strait from positive perspectives; for with more understanding between the two sides today, there will be less misunderstanding in the future.