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What is the government's policy on Hong Kong and Macau?

  • Date:2014-12-27

(1) Hong Kong and Macau were handed over to mainland China in 1997 and 1999, respectively. The Mainland announced to the international community that Hong Kong and Macau are "special administrative regions" for which a "one country, two systems" arrangement would be adopted. It also made pledges of "Hong Kong governed by the Hong Kong people (and Macau governed by the people of Macau)," a "high degree of autonomy," and "50 years without change." Furthermore, the international community still regards Hong Kong and Macau as autonomous regions distinct from the Mainland. In order to support freedom, democracy, stability and prosperity in Hong Kong and Macau and maintain Taiwan's friendly relations with the two areas, the government of the Republic of China (ROC) positions Hong Kong and Macau as special regions distinct from other parts of the Mainland. This position is preconditioned on the ability of Hong Kong and Macau to retain their free economic systems and autonomous status. The government has also formulated the Act Governing Relations with Hong Kong and Macau, in accordance with Article 11 of the Additional Articles of the ROC Constitution, to regulate and promote economic, trade, cultural and other relations with Hong Kong and Macau.

(2) Based on the positioning of Hong Kong and Macau and the relevant laws and regulations, the government will continue to strengthen work in the following areas: establish normal mechanisms for contacts and high-level exchange visits with officials in Hong Kong and Macau; upgrade the functions and status of Taiwan's representative offices in Hong Kong and Macau; expand contact, exchanges and cooperation with various sectors in Hong Kong and Macau; promote youth exchange visits; expand recruitment of Hong Kong students to study in Taiwan; facilitate youth learning tours; demonstrate Taiwan's multicultural soft power; and strengthen the legal basis for a sound exchange environment and mechanisms.

(3) While promoting relations with Hong Kong and Macau, the government will constantly bear in mind the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan and arrange comprehensive risk management mechanisms to safeguard national security and identity. Furthermore, on the existing foundation, the government will work with the Hong Kong and Macau authorities to deepen substantive bilateral relations and promote mutual upgrading and development, with goodwill, and in a pragmatic and mutually beneficial manner.