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Are natural persons, legal persons, and organizations of the Taiwan Area subject to application with competent authorities for investment in Hong Kong and Macau? What are the application procedures?

  • Date:2014-12-27

In accordance with the Regulations Governing the Examination and Approval of Investments in and Technical Cooperation Projects with Hong Kong and Macau, natural and legal persons and organizations of the Taiwan Area intending to invest in Hong Kong or Macau are required to apply with the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. To provide convenience to individuals and companies in obtaining approval for outward investments, those investing an amount of capital less than US$5 million and US$50 million, respectively, may register within six months after the start of investment operations. Those with investments exceeding the aforementioned amount of capital must obtain approval from the Investment Commission before commencing their investment operations. The relevant documents and application forms may be found at the Investment Commission's website at: (http://www.moeaic.gov.tw/).