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MAC Minister Wang and TAO Director Zhang Address Each Other by Official Titles, Substantively Realizing "Mutual Non-Denial" and Setting a Good Start for the Normalization of Official Interactions Across the Strait

  • Date:2013-10-06

October 06, 2013
No. 77

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated today (October 6) that Minister Wang Yu-chi exchanged brief pleasantries with Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) Director Zhang Zhijun during a spontaneous exchange after the "Siew-Xi Meeting" outside the meeting venue, where the two sides addressed each other by their official titles. This indicates a substantive realization of "addressing realities and mutual non-denial" spirit between the two sides and also represents a good start in normalizing official cross-strait interactions, highlighting the important implications for regular interactions between the MAC and TAO in the future.

The MAC said that, Minister Wang pointed out to Director Zhang during the brief exchange that regular exchange visits by competent persons in charge of cross-strait affairs on both sides is needed so that they may further build mutual understanding and strengthen communication on issues of mutual concern. Director Zhang responded positively to Minister Wang's suggestion and invited Minister Wang to visit the Mainland when time is appropriate.

Minister Wang also emphasized to Director Zhang that they had acted out the role of consultants to the "Siew-Xi Meeting", conducted smooth communications, and carried out all arrangements. Competent authorities for cross-strait affairs should also establish regular contact mechanisms so as to facilitate communication between the two sides. Such a channel would help the two sides understand each other better and facilitate promotion of respective operational tasks.

The MAC stressed that Minister Wang and Director Zhang addressed each other by their official titles during the exchange, demonstrating mutual respect and pragmatism between the two sides, which has also major significance for deepening cross-strait mutual trust and enhancing benign interactions. The MAC stated that the meeting between Minister Wang and Director Zhang marks an important milestone in the institutionalization of cross-strait relations and expressed strong affirmation towards the pragmatic attitude taken by the Mainland.