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MAC Holds 2021 National Day Banquet

  • Date:2021-10-09

MAC Press Release No. 012

    The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) held the 2021 National Day Banquet this evening (October 9, 2021). The event saw nearly 70 attendees, including leaders of Taiwanese communities and Taiwanese business associations based in Hong Kong and Macao; Hong Kong and Macao students in Taiwan; and other distinguished guests from various sectors.
    MAC Minister Chiu Tai-san stated that the Republic of China (ROC) was established in the Revolution of 1911, whose main spirit was to build a free and democratic nation and society. In recent years, Taiwan has been repeatedly affirmed by the international community for its democratic achievements, economic development, and epidemic prevention performance. This demonstrates that Taiwan has carried the torch of the legacy of the Revolution of 1911 by allowing universal values to take root, flourish, and stand firm on this land.
    Minister Chiu indicated that the free and democratic Taiwan has also become the "second homeland" for many friends from Hong Kong and Macao; this is especially true over the past few years, as the number of Hong Kong residents applying for temporary or permanent residence in Taiwan has risen significantly. In response to this trend, related government agencies have actively conducted research and deliberated policies and measures to attract and retain talent in a bid to bring in foreign professionals to Taiwan effectively and enhance the country's overall competitiveness.
    Minister Chiu further stated that, in light of the changing dynamics in the future, the government will continue to uphold the principle of "neither yielding to pressure nor seeking adventurism” to firmly safeguard national sovereignty and security. He also expressed hope that the public will remain the most staunch supporter and provide the strongest backing for the ROC in a joint effort to strengthen democracy, maintain peace, and create prosperity for generations to come.
    This year's National Day banquet featured a special performance by the Taiwan Artists Symphony Orchestra (TASO) and came to a successful completion amid a heartwarming and lively ambience.