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Mainland Affairs Council

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MAC Severely Condemns Beijing for Wresting away Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Seriously Damaging the Foundation for the Benign Development of Cross-Strait Relations

  • Date:2018-05-24

Date: May 24, 2018

MAC Press Release No. 38


      In response to Burkina Faso's announcement today (May 24, 2018) of its severance of diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (ROC), the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) solemnly protested and strongly condemned mainland China for its successive use of dollar diplomacy to maliciously wrest away two diplomatic allies of Taiwan within the period of a month. This undermines the foundation for cross-Strait peace and stability and disregards the rights, interests, and views of the Taiwanese people. We will not just sit and tolerate Beijing's repeated deliberate provocations and brutal suppression of Taiwan. In the future, the government will rigorously review visits to Taiwan by Mainland government officials at all levels and related persons to prevent Beijing from using such occasions as opportunities to divide and socially disrupt Taiwan through its united front tactics.

      The MAC indicated that mainland China has attempted through paranoid diplomatic and military intimidation to pressure Taiwan to accept its unilaterally established "one China principle." This only proves that Beijing is filled with fear and anxiety over Taiwan's policies and democratic public opinion. However, Beijing's malicious retrograde behavior will only further steel Taiwan's determination to follow its own path and to not succumb. The MAC stressed that, over the past two-plus years, Beijing has refused to resolve differences through official interaction and communication. Rather, it has consistently attempted to sow divisions in Taiwan through its united front strategy conducted by related persons during visits to Taiwan. This does not help the benign development of cross-Strait relations and mutual understanding. In view of the need for the government to take necessary measures to safeguard national security and protect the welfare of all citizens, future visits to Taiwan by Mainland government officials at all levels and related persons will be rigorously reviewed to strengthen national security management mechanisms and maintain social order in Taiwan.

      The MAC reiterated that the Mainland is the one undermining benign cross-Strait interaction and development. Beijing's ignorant actions in no way compromise the fact that we are a sovereign country. The international community will eventually recognize the hypocritical and two-faced nature of the Chinese communist regime. The Mainland's use of political and economic strength and threats to infringe the sovereignty and security of Taiwan and other countries seriously endanger the entire East Asian security structure and the universal values of democracy and human rights. The MAC stressed that Taiwan will continue to do its utmost to maintain cross-Strait peace and stability. The 23 million people of Taiwan will stand further united and unflinchingly face of the severe challenges posed by Beijing with a consistent voice to the world. The Taiwan government will also continue to closely cooperate with the international community and staunchly defend our national sovereignty and dignity and the security and welfare of the people.