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Mainland Affairs Council’s Explanation of the Announcement by Civil Aviation Administration of China Today (January 30, 2024) Regarding Cancellation of Flight Offsets for Southbound M503 Flight Route & Activation of Eastbound W122 and W123 Routes Connecting the M503 route

  • Date:2024-01-30

MAC Press Release No. 006

1. Regarding the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)’s unilateral announcement canceling flight offsets for southbound operations on the M503 flight route and activating eastbound operations on the W122 and W123 routes connecting the M503 route, the MAC registered a strong protest and expressed its deep dissatisfaction over this decision. It demanded that mainland China immediately cease such irresponsible flight operations.

2. It is widely known that mainland China has not yet fully resumed its international flight services after the COVID-19 pandemic. Mainland China’s justification was that starting the related routes would alleviate the pressure of regional flight growth and ensure flight safety. However, given the absence of prior cross-Strait communication, such a decision disregards flight safety and disrespects Taiwan. This is a move with malicious political, even military intentions against Taiwan in deliberate disguise of civil aviation, raising concerns over potential changes to the cross-Strait status quo. 

3. Mainland China unilaterally announced the activation of the M503 northbound route on January 4, 2018. Subsequently, it again announced adjustments without prior consultations, which deliberately creates unease across the Taiwan Strait. The MAC strongly protests this move and demands that mainland China retract the decision to begin operations on related routes from February 1. If mainland China insists on going its own way, it must bear any serious consequences affecting cross-Strait relations.