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Taiwan Solemnly Protests the Deportation of 78 Taiwanese Suspects in Telecommunication Fraud Case to Mainland China and Demands that the Mainland Actively Begin Communication and Dialogue

  • Date:2016-09-07

Date: September 7, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 59

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated today (September 7, 2016) that it immediately expressed deep regret and solemnly protested to the Mainland over the Mainland's deportation of 78 Taiwan nationals. Taiwan has repeatedly demanded that the Mainland side not deport Taiwanese nationals to mainland China. This move by the Mainland again disregards Taiwan's appeal. It also affects the foundation of mutual trust between the two sides in their cooperation on combating cross-border telecommunications fraud and further harms the feelings of the Taiwanese people.

The MAC explained that it has asked the Mainland to promptly notify Taiwan of limitations placed on the personal freedom of the related personnel after their deportation to mainland China, guarantee the related judicial rights of the Taiwanese nationals in the Mainland, and follow due process in accordance with the Cross-Strait Agreement on Joint Crime-Fighting and Judicial Mutual Assistance. Based on humanitarian concerns, the MAC also asked the Mainland to promptly assist with arrangements for family visits to relieve families' anxiety.

The MAC stated that the government will also continue to endeavor to communicate with the Mainland regarding Taiwanese nationals already deported to the Mainland and to seek the return of the involved nationals to Taiwan to undergo investigation and trial according to law.

The MAC also re-appealed for the two sides to cherish the cumulative results of past consultations and cooperation on such cases and to continue benign communication and dialogue and jointly devise a way to effectively combat cross-border telecommunications fraud and strengthen protection of the interests and well-being of the people on both sides.