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Mainland China Should Stop Political Coercion Against Taiwanese Businesspeople and Interference with Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Exchanges

  • Date:2021-12-07

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued a statement on mainland China's comments made during a video conference at the Cross-Strait CEO Summit. On this occasion, mainland China reiterated its political frameworks, including the "one China” principle and "1992 Consensus," and also expressed hope that the corporate sector would "resolutely draw a clear line between themselves and Taiwan independence forces." The MAC called on mainland China to stop all misbehavior, namely its political coercion against Taiwanese businesspeople and interference with cross-Strait economic and trade exchanges aimed at serving its political ideology.

  The MAC emphasized that cross-Strait economic and trade exchanges are conducive to the peaceful and steady development of relations between the two sides. The government has consistently supported cross-Strait economic and trade exchanges that are law-abiding, equality- and dignity-based, and without any political preconditions. The Cross-Strait CEO Summit is a non-governmental platform for economic and trade exchanges between the two sides, which requires all members to stay within the boundaries of their roles. If mainland China is adamant about making political manipulation, it will only end up creating obstacles for normal cross-Strait exchanges.

  Mainland China has recently been intimidating Taiwanese businesspeople into taking a political stance; it has also been intensifying the dissemination of the blacklist of "Taiwan independence sponsors," an arbitrary label used to justify its imposition of punitive measures and create a chilling effect. Mainland China does so to interfere with the business operation of Taiwanese companies, divide the Taiwan society, and undermine our democratic processes; these tactics are vile and oppressive, which have long caused profound distaste in the people of Taiwan. At the Cross-Strait CEO Summit, while mainland China claimed that it would continue to provide quality services and roll out beneficial policies for Taiwanese businesspeople, it also slapped threatening comments aimed at pressuring Taiwanese businesspeople into "resolutely drawing a clear line with Taiwan independence forces." The government called on the Taiwanese business community to have a clear understanding of the carrot-and-stick tactics used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the potential risks involved. They are advised to exercise caution when making long-term investment plans.

  The MAC reiterated that the Taiwan society is characterized by democracy and the rule-of-law; meanwhile, it is not under the jurisdiction of the other side across the Taiwan Strait. Our government will never accept the political framework or future development path unilaterally laid out by the CCP. The government once again urged the CCP to refrain from making political maneuvers, carrying out intimidation or threat against Taiwanese businesspeople, or further disrupting cross-Strait economic and trade exchanges.