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Dec 10. 2009 (Source: SEF)

  • Date:2009-12-10

The Fourth Chiang-Chen Talks Will Be Held from December 21 in Taichung City

December 10, 2009
(Source: Straits Exchange Foundation)

Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Vice Chairman Kao Koong-lian, Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) Executive Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong and SEF and ARATS delegation members held preparatory consultations for the fourth Chiang-Chen Talks at 9:00 this morning (December 10) in Fuzhou City (Shangri-la Hotel). They finalized the itinerary for ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin's visit to Taiwan and agreed to make various arrangements under the principles of security, convenience and dignity. In addition, the two sides completed discussions on the main contents of the agreements concerning the four negotiation issues, including "cooperation on the inspection and quarantine of agricultural products."

The SEF stated that the two major tasks of the meeting were, first, to combine the contents of the four agreements scheduled to be signed at the fourth Chiang-Chen Talks, including the agreements on "cooperation on the inspection and quarantine of agricultural products," "avoidance of double taxation and strengthening of tax cooperation," "cross-strait standards testing and certification cooperation," and "cross-strait fishery labor cooperation." Through mutual intensive discussions, the two sides have smoothly combined their respective text versions. The second purpose was to arrange the schedule for the fourth Chiang-Chen Talks. The two sides decided that the Mainland delegation led by ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin would fly from Beijing and arrive in Taichung on the morning of December 21. After the talks, ARATS Chairman Chen will visit scenic spots around Taichung City and return to the Mainland on December 25. ARATS Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong will lead an advance group to Taiwan on December 18 to make the necessary pre-meeting arrangements and preparations.

The main itinerary of the ARATS delegation is as follows:

On the afternoon of December 21, the SEF and the ARATS will hold vice chairman-level preparatory consultations and ARATS Chairman Chen will visit scenic spots in Taichung City. That evening, the SEF will hold a welcome banquet.

On December 22, the leaders of the SEF and the ARATS will hold the fourth Chiang-Chen Talks. That evening, the ARATS will host an appreciation banquet.

A seminar on investment will be held on the morning of December 23, and a visiting program will be arranged for the ARATS chairman and delegation members that afternoon.

A tour of the central Taiwan area and Sun Moon Lake will be arranged for December 24.

On the morning of December 25, ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin and the delegation will depart from Taichung to Beijing.

The SEF further stated that the preparatory consultations held in Fuzhou City proceeded very smoothly. The four agreements will further protect the rights and interests of the Taiwanese people and achieve fruitful results. "Cooperation on cross-strait inspection and quarantine of agricultural products" can safeguard the security of agricultural production and expand Taiwan’s agricultural exports"; "avoidance of double taxation and strengthening of tax cooperation" can eliminate double taxation across the Taiwan Strait and promote overall economic development; "cross-strait standards testing and certification cooperation" will improve industrial competitiveness and protect consumers’ rights and interests; and "cross-strait fishery labor cooperation" will, on the premise of not opening up Taiwan to Mainland labor, resolve the current issue of hiring Mainland fishermen while also protecting the rights and interests of fishing boat owners and ensuring sustainable fisheries development. Since the contents of the four cooperation areas are closely related to the people’s livelihood as well as their rights and interests, it is the duty of a responsible government to properly protect people’s rights and interests and smoothly reach agreements in these areas.

The SEF indicated that the achievements reached in the past through the negotiations between the SEF and the ARATS—including the implementation of the cross-strait “Big-Three-Links,” the opening up of tourism in Taiwan for Mainland tourists, and the cross-strait joint crime fighting, as well as the four agreements to be signed this time—have proven that the SEF-ARATS negotiations have been beneficial to Taiwan and the entire public. It is hoped that the people of Taiwan will give the ROC government and the SEF the staunchest support so that the SEF can work for the best interests of Taiwan and to achieve cross-strait stability, prosperity and sustainable development.