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MAC Deputy Minister Liang Wen-chieh Celebrates Mother's Day with Mainland Chinese Spouses at the 2023 "Flowers of Happiness: Mother's Day Care Event for Mainland Chinese Spouses"

  • Date:2023-05-12

MAC Press Release No. 022

  Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) held on May 1 the 2023 "Flowers of Happiness: Mother's Day Care Event for Mainland Chinese Spouses," where Deputy Minister Liang Wen-chieh celebrated an early Mother's Day with mainland Chinese spouses. Mainland Chinese spouses come to Taiwan for love. They form families with their partners and are dedicated to raising the next generation in Taiwan. Ahead of Mother's Day, the MAC invited 22 mainland Chinese spouses to make carnation bouquets as symbols of bliss and share happiness with hand-made bouquets. Deputy Minister Liang participated and had warm exchanges with the mainland Chinese spouses. In his speech, Deputy Minister Liang expressed gratitude for their hard work as mothers and acknowledged their contribution to make the family of Taiwan more complete. Some mainland Chinese spouses also shared Mother's Day anecdotes at the heartwarming celebration.

  The MAC has long been caring for cross-Strait marriages and families through promoting relevant care and assistance measures. Meanwhile, it has been providing mainland Chinese spouses with the most timely assistance and services by bringing together public and private resources. The MAC has always been the strongest support to mainland Chinese spouses in Taiwan.