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Taiwan has Turned a Page of History on the "1992 Consensus"

  • Date:2021-05-08

MAC Press Release No. 003

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (May 8, 2021) expressed the following position regarding calls by former President Ma Ying-jeou for Taiwan to return to the original meaning of the "1992 Consensus" to avoid war.

1. The most critical factor in the unrest across the Taiwan Strait and in the region is the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) refusal to renounce the use of force against Taiwan. The government has remained consistent in our policy position of strengthening Taiwan's self-defense capabilities and safeguarding national sovereignty, democracy, and freedom. Our responsible approach of maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait has been affirmed by the international community and gained support from the public in Taiwan.

2. The "1992 Consensus" advocated by former President Ma has, under the Beijing authorities’ definition, been constrained to the "one China” principle asserted by the People's Republic of China. Since the "one country, two systems model for Taiwan" was proposed in the "Xi's five points," the "1992 Consensus" has hence been equated with the "one China” principle and become a consensus aiming at pursuing unification. In other words, the “1992 Consensus” has set the tone for imposing the "one China” principle and "one country, two systems" on Taiwan. The government had solemnly refuted this proposition at the time it was first laid out in January 2019. The result of Taiwan's presidential election in 2020 has further underscored Taiwanese public’s resolute opposition to the "one country, two systems," and rejection of the self-entrapped "1992 Consensus" that leads Taiwan to a dead end. History has already turned a page on the “1992 Consensus”; therefore, we believe there is no longer a need to further discuss the issues related to it.

3. Promoting the positive development of cross-Strait relations is the joint responsibility of both sides. Dialogue and exchanges must be based on parity and dignity. This is the basic principle which underlies the mandate given to this government by Taiwanese people to interact with the other side across the Taiwan Strait. The Taiwanese society should unite as one, jointly resist the CCP’s threat, and give Beijing no chance to divide us. In addition, we urge the opposition party members to respect the concerns of the public in Taiwan on related political views. Repeated advocacy of the “1992 Consensus” will only cause unnecessary turmoil in the Taiwan society. We also call on the Beijing authorities to specifically address the concerns of the international community and adjust their coercive positions and actions. Only this will support the healthy interaction and development between the two sides across the Taiwan Strait.