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MAC: Mainland should Acknowledge Historical Truths of the War of Resistance and Respect the Reality of ROC Existence to Ensure Long-Term Peace and Stability in the Strait and Prosperity and Security for the Region

  • Date:2015-09-03

September 3, 2015
No. 49

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (September 3, 2015) reiterated that it was the ROC government that led the military and civilians to hard-won victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan, which made decisive contribution in World War II and secured national survival and the dignity for the people. This is a historical fact acknowledged by the international community and confirmed by relevant international historic documents; the truth must not be denied. During a "Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan and 2015 Armed Forces Day" celebration event held on September 2, President Ma Ying-jeou stated again that the occurrence of the war is a fact, and it was won through shed blood, tears and immense sacrifice. He called for the Mainland to "seek out the truths of history and show humane empathy to others," and hoped for the world to cherish peace and to remember the truths of history.

Large-scale weaponry display and military parade was held by the Mainland today at Tiananmen, and Mainland leader Xi Jinping made statements regarding the history of the War of Resistance. The MAC responds by stating that mainland China’s unwillingness to accurately acknowledge and faithfully present historical truths of the war shows that it has not objectively and comprehensively regarded, nor deeply reflected, on the leading role played by the ROC on the battlefields of Asia over 70 years ago. The ROC government expresses regret on the Mainland’s position.

The MAC stressed that the government has repeatedly made clear its disapproval over ROC citizens’ participation in the Mainland commemoration activities, and has also discouraged and advised against attendance at related activities. This position is shared by both the ruling and opposition parties. After the government's communication and explanation, most of the invitees from Taiwan refrained from participating. As for the invitees that insisted on attending, the government has repeatedly appealed for them to clearly state historical facts. The participation of certain ROC citizens in the Mainland's military parade and related activities does not demonstrate the whole historical picture of ROC government's leadership in the eight-year War of Resistance Against Japan. Their participation is a deviation from the ROC national position, an act that undermines the government's dignity and counters the people's expectations. The MAC hereby expresses deepests regrets.

The MAC stated that, over the past seven-plus years, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have undergone historic reconciliation and cooperation on the "1992 Consensus” foundation of “One China, with respective interpretations." Maintaining positive cross-strait interactions and developments is the mutual responsibility of both sides. Only when both sides are able to objectively acknowledge historical facts, recognize the reality of separate governance across the Strait, face the existence of the ROC, cherish hard won peace, respect each other, and cooperate with sincerity, can there be true contributions to long-term peace and stability in the Strait, and prosperity and security for the regional.