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MAC Affirms and Appreciates Successful Repatriation of Xindian Murder Suspect Huang to Taiwan

  • Date:2021-12-08

  Taiwan sent personnel to Xiamen Airport in Fujian, mainland China today (December 8, 2021) to escort Xindian murder suspect surnamed Huang back to Taiwan to undergo judicial investigation and trial. The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) affirmed and appreciated the cooperation between security agencies on the two sides across the Taiwan Strait in this case. After arriving in Taiwan under escort, Huang will remain in quarantine isolation according to the epidemic prevention requirements of the Central Epidemic Command Center. He will then be handed over to the agency in charge of investigating the case for follow-up interrogation, custody, investigation, and trial affairs.

  The MAC explained that the government is duty-bound to maintain social security and fight crime. In the past, cross-Strait public security agencies have joined forces against crime to effectively curb criminals’ arrogance, earning affirmation by the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. The MAC stressed that suspects attempting to escape responsibility for crimes by absconding abroad should not put their faith in luck since they will not succeed. The MAC hopes that, in the future, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait can continue to promote cooperation in combating crime under the Cross-Strait Joint Crime-Fighting and Mutual Assistance Agreement to protect the rights, interests, and welfare of the people and serve justice.

  The MAC further stated that Taiwan and Hong Kong currently have no agreement on mutual judicial assistance. The jurisdiction and exercise of related public authorities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is involved in the case of Chan Tong-kai, who fled back to Hong Kong after committing a crime in Taiwan. Taiwan and Hong Kong therefore need to communicate on this case to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent investigation and trial. Mutual judicial assistance and cooperation is needed between Taiwan and Hong Kong to ensure that the integrity and legitimacy of the evidence will not be challenged. The MAC has repeatedly reiterated this position in the past and hopes to receive a positive and proactive response from the Hong Kong government.