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Sep 30, 2009, No. 062

  • Date:2009-09-30

MAC public opinion survey: Public opinion supports holding the cross-strait negotiations as scheduled

The Mainland Affairs Council today announced the results of its latest public opinion survey. The survey results show that 60 percent of the public approve holding the fourth cross-strait negotiations in Taiwan before the end of this year. Nearly 55 percent of the public support promoting an Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA). Furthermore, on the issue of Taiwan's international participation, the majority of the people (60 percent) believe that improved cross-strait relations are conducive to expanding Taiwan's international space. Moreover, over 70 percent of the public support the government to give priority to participating in specialized agencies of the United Nations.

The two sides plan to hold the fourth Chiang-Chen Talks in Taiwan before the end of the year. The MAC expresses that the overwhelming majority of the public support the continuation of institutionalized cross-strait negotiations. Although developments in cross-strait relations have recently attracted outside attention, the survey results indicated that the vast majority of the public hope cross-strait negotiations can be conducted as scheduled.

The survey also asked about public opinion on policies related to Mainland spouses. The survey found that over 70 percent (77.1 percent) of the public approve of granting work rights to legal Mainland spouses. Moreover, over 60 percent (66.3 percent) of the public support the government's move to shorten the period required for Mainland spouses to obtain an ROC ID card from eight years originally to six years. However, 50 percent of the people do not support further shortening this period. The MAC says that relaxed measures for Mainland spouses were implemented from mid-August. The public opinion survey showed that the vast majority of the people identify with this policy.

Regarding the public's views on other topics long observed by the MAC, the overwhelming majority of the public (87 percent) still support "maintaining the status quo defined in a broader sense," a result that has remained highly stable. Moreover, the percentage of the public believing that Taiwan should "maintain the status quo indefinitely" has continued to trend up. Regarding the pace of opening up cross-strait exchanges, a larger percentage of the public (44.7 percent) think the pace is "just right," higher than the percentage saying it is "too fast" (33 percent) or "too slow" (12 percent).

The MAC commissioned the Election Study Center of National Chengchi University to conduct a telephone survey of adults aged 20 and over in the Taiwan Area from September 24 to 26, 2009. A total of 1,091 effective samples were collected, with a sampling error of about 2.96 percent based on a 95 percent confidence level.

Appendix Ι: Summarized Results of the Public Opinion Survey on Current Cross-Strait Relations (September 24~26, 2009)

Appendix ΙI: Percentage Distribution of the Routine Questionnaire Survey on "The Public's Views on Current Cross-Strait Relations" (September 24~26, 2009)