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Majority Support the Government's Insistence on Maintaining the Cross-Strait Status Quo of Peace And Stability, Maintaining Existing Mechanisms, and Starting Benign Cross-Strait Communication and Dialogue

  • Date:2016-06-08

Date: June 8, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 38

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (June 8, 2016) announced the results of the survey of the "Public's View on the President's Inaugural Address and Cross-Strait Issues." More than 90% (92.8%) of the public support the government's position of firmly maintaining the status quo of cross-Strait peace and stability, and over 70% (74.4%) of the public support the president's proposal to handle cross-Strait affairs based on the ROC Constitution, the Act Governing Relations between the People of Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, and other relevant legislation.

The MAC stated that the survey showed that over 70% (74.6%) of the public support the president's position of respecting the historical fact of the joint acknowledgements and understandings reached between the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) in 1992. Furthermore, over 80% (85.2%) of the public think that the two sides should jointly maintain the existing mechanisms and expand communication and dialogue, and over 90% (90.9%) of the public support the government's promotion of cross-Strait policy in line with the democratic principle and prevalent will of the people of Taiwan. In addition, more than 80% (83.4%) of the public support the Legislative Yuan should complete legislation on Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act.

The survey also polled views on cross-Strait economic, trade and regional economic cooperation and international participation. The MAC indicated that about 75% (77.5%) of the public support the government's promotion of negotiations on the Cross-Strait Trade in Goods Agreement according to the provisions of the adopted Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act, and more than 80% (84.5%) of the public support the exchange of views between the two sides on issues related to joint participation in regional development and the pursuit of various possibilities for cooperation and collaboration. Additionally, nearly 80% (75.2%) of the public endorse the statement that "Taiwan's international space should not be affected by changes in the cross-strait situation."

The MAC stated that the position on cross-Strait policy mentioned in the president's inaugural address enjoys a high level of public support. The government's position is firm and clear: it will continue through benign communication and dialogue to pragmatically face and properly handle cross-Strait relations, consistent with the expectations of people on both sides and in the international community. In the future, the government will follow the mainstream public opinion, remain committed to promoting the peaceful and stable development of cross-Strait relations, create and protect Taiwan’s best interests and well-being of the people, and establish consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-Strait relations.

The MAC commissioned the Taiwan Real Survey Co., Ltd. to conduct a telephone survey of adults aged 20 and over in Taiwan from June 2 to 4, 2016. A total of 1,084 valid samples were collected, with a sampling error of plus or minus 2.98% at a 95% level of confidence.