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Taiwan's Mainstream Public Opinion Firmly Opposes CCP Saber-rattling; the Government will never Back Down in Defending the National Sovereignty

  • Date:2022-08-07

MAC Press Release No. 013

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (August 7, 2022) once again condemned mainland China for conducting large-scale military exercises over the past several days and its provocative use of force. These actions undermine the peaceful status quo in the Taiwan Strait and seriously violate our national sovereignty. The Beijing authorities have never respected Taiwan’s public opinion. They have heightened tensions in the Taiwan Strait and disregard the people's welfare and interests and obstinate insistence on taking their own course. The CCP has also ignored the international community's severe condemnation for its sabotage of regional security. Taiwan again solemnly warned the other side of the Taiwan Strait to not repeat its mistakes and immediately cease its vile irrational actions.

  The MAC stressed that the CCP has recently conducted provocative live-fire drills to simulate attacks on Taiwan with ballistic missiles and carried out incursions with its military aircraft, warships and drones around Taiwan. The CCP has also constantly disseminated disinformation to retaliate against or coerce business groups and individuals from Taiwan. This entirely disregards the Taiwanese people's firm rejection of the CCP's false claims and protests against its military intimidation. Routine public opinion surveys conducted by the MAC over the years show that 90% of the people of Taiwan oppose the CCP's military threats against Taiwan and reject the political views imposed by the CCP. The public also believe that mainland China is increasingly unfriendly to the people of Taiwan and feel growing antipathy. The widening emotional distance between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait owes entirely to erroneous policies and misjudgment of the situation by the CCP decision-making authorities.

  The MAC indicated that “the two sides of the Taiwan Strait not subordinate to each other” is an objective status quo and a fact. Taiwan has never been part of the People's Republic of China. Only the 23 million people of Taiwan can decide Taiwan's future. The relevant government agencies in Taiwan will hold firmly to their positions and respond appropriately and cautiously to the hybrid pressure the CCP has exerted on Taiwan. The government will staunchly defend our national sovereignty and security and stand as a bulwark of democracy and freedom. Taiwan will never bow to pressure. We call on democratic partners around the world to continue to support Taiwan, stop the repeated aggression of authoritarian regimes, and resolutely safeguard the values of democracy and peace.