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MAC Calls for People-Centered Reforms and Healing and Overcoming the Historical Scars of the Tiananmen Square Incident

  • Date:2016-06-03

June 3rd, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 37

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued a statement today (June 3rd, 2016) on the 27th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident. It said that freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law are universal values and form a cherished way of life for people around the world. The historical scars from the Tiananmen Square Incident should be confronted, healed, and transformed into a positive force for forward development.

The MAC indicated that the Mainland authorities have recently proposed a "people-centered" governance and development concept emphasizing the upholding of social justice and protection of human rights. In recent years, the Mainland has focused more on anti-corruption and promoting legal and institutional reforms. These are the first steps in facing up to the demands of the young people in the June 4th Incident in 1989. We hope that Mainland will re-examine the history of the June 4th Incident, value the demands of the people, and continuously , institutionally, to build a more open, fair, just, and harmonious society.

The MAC stated that Taiwan also experienced bumps on the road to democracy. Taiwan courageously faced these trials and transformed the power of reconciliation into a force for national development and social progress. These healthy experiences and values can continue to serve as a goal in mutual sharing and advancement across the Taiwan Strait, as well as support peaceful and stable cross-Strait relations, prosperity and development. The MAC indicated that "the people are masters of the country." The development of cross-Strait relations depends on the ability of the two sides to set aside their past saber-rattling and confrontation. Only then can both sides advance across the historical divide and work together to enhance the happiness and well-being of the people across Taiwan Strait.