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Mainland Affairs Council

News Release

Response to Deliberation of the (Draft) Decision by the CCP National People's Congress on the Establishment and Improvement of the Legal System and Enforcement Mechanisms to Safeguard National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

  • Date:2020-05-22

Date: May 22, 2020

MAC Press Release No. 30

1. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has incessantly pushed to pass a national security legislation to enact Article 23 of the Basic Law over the years to consolidate its rule over Hong Kong. The fourth plenary session of the 19th CCP Central Committee designated the establishment and improvement of the legal system and enforcement mechanisms to safeguard national security as an urgent task of the Hong Kong government and all sectors of society. The CCP invariably attributes the cause of Hong Kong's instability to external forces and "Hong Kong independence" separatism indicates its inability for introspection, and hence its urgency in pressing for legislation to safeguard against the so-called national security loopholes. If the legislative initiative prevails through promulgation, it would be a deliberate bypass of Hong Kong's Legislative Council procedures.

2. In any civilized country, the purpose of the law should be to protect the people, not to clamp down on freedom. We believe that violation of democracy, human rights, and freedom of the people of Hong Kong in the name of national security will only heighten public dissatisfaction and social instability. It will also increase the risk faced by foreign nationals in Hong Kong, as well as endanger Hong Kong's status as an international financial center. We hope that the relevant parties will think twice and refrain from making the wrong decision which will slide Hong Kong further into chaos. The Mainland Affairs Council will be closely watching the related developments in Hong Kong.