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Mr. Li Ming-che Returned to Taiwan Safely and Smoothly this Morning (April 15, 2022); The MAC Expresses Relief and Extends Gratitude to All Parties for Assistance

  • Date:2022-04-15

News Reference Material
Date: April 15, 2022

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that Mr. Li Ming-che had returned to Taiwan safely at 10:22 am today (April 15, 2022). The government is relieved that Mr. Li has returned to Taiwan safely and smoothly and was reunited with his family. We hope that Mr. Li can rest well and take care of his health upon return. The government will continue to follow upon Mr. Li’s conditions and provide necessary assistance.

  The MAC said that the government formulated various plans to assist Mr. Li Ming-che's return to Taiwan in accordance with principles such as fully respecting the wishes of his family, complying with domestic pandemic prevention regulations, planning and making preparation ahead, and coordinating with related parties. With full support of the Centers for Disease Control, National Immigration Agency, National Police Agency, Customs Administration, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Huan Yu VIP Terminal, and other related agencies, the MAC and the Straits Exchange Foundation were able to complete the customs clearance and fulfill disease prevention requirements successfully. The MAC also appreciated the civil groups for their support and cooperation during this returning operation and for granting Mr. Li and his family the maximum breathing space. To meet the quarantine requirements, the government had also made proper arrangements in advance. Mr. Li Ming-che has safely arrived at the quarantine site and the process was in line with all pandemic prevention regulations in Taiwan.

  The MAC indicated that this case has been closely watched by the public of Taiwan. Over the past five years, there have been considerable efforts devoted to this case by many Taiwanese businesspeople in mainland China, such as the Honorary President of Changsha Taiwanese Businessmen Association (TBA) Lin Huai, the President of Yueyang TBA Tsai Tsu-chu, and several others. There have also been tremendous endeavors made by many civil groups at home and abroad, including the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Amnesty International Taiwan, and other organizations. These efforts have eventually led to Mr.Li’s return to Taiwan. The government expressed its gratitude again to the related parties and individuals that had offered their assistance in the process of Mr. Li Ming-che's return to Taiwan.

  The MAC reiterated that Mr. Li Ming-che genuinely cared about the development of mainland China’s civil society and democracy, but was charged with “subversion of state power" and sentenced to five years in prison by the court of mainland China. This is unacceptable to the people of Taiwan. The government believes that "spreading democratic ideals is not a crime." In response to some news reports claiming that Mr. Li Ming-che will be subject to judicial investigation upon returning to Taiwan, the MAC hereby clarifies that such news is a serious misunderstanding and is completely unfounded.

  The MAC stated that it will continue to do its utmost to follow the situation of other cases involving Taiwanese nationals detained in mainland China and provide necessary assistance through various channels. The MAC also called on mainland China to fully protect related rights and interests of Taiwanese people in mainland China for the betterment of cross-Strait exchanges.