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Mainland China Announced Mr. Li Ming-che’s Release and Return to Taiwan. MAC Will Make Related Plans and Hopes for a Prompt, Safe, and Smooth Return of Mr. Li Ming-che

  • Date:2022-04-13

News Reference Material
Date: April 13, 2022

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that the CCP’s Taiwan Affairs Office announced today (April 13, 2022) that Mr. Li Ming-che will be released and that arrangements will be made in the coming days for him to return to Taiwan. Immediately following the announcement, the MAC informed Mr. Li’s family members of the release and has been coordinating efforts of relevant units to prepare for his homecoming. Our top priority is to ensure a safe and smooth return of Mr. Li as soon as possible.

  The MAC pointed out that this case has drawn great attention among the people of Taiwan since its occurrence. The government expressed gratitude to Changsha Taiwan Businessmen's Association (TBA) Honorary President Lin Huai, Yueyang TBA President Tsai Tsu-chu, various sectors of the society and civil groups both in Taiwan and abroad, and all relevant parties and individuals that have provided assistance in the handling of this matter throughout this time.

  The MAC said that it will continue to follow and provide necessary assistance to other cases where Taiwan nationals are still detained in mainland China by maintaining close contact with various channels. It also urged the mainland Chinese authorities to duly protect the rights and interests of Taiwanese citizens in mainland China for the betterment of cross-Strait interaction and exchanges.