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Dec 21. 2009, No. 092

  • Date:2009-12-21

The itinerary for the Chiang-Chen Talks has been finalized and promptly announced by the government, fully realizing the policy of high transparency in cross-strait relations

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) and the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) indicated that, after two days of intensive discussions and arrangements between the working groups of the SEF and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), and following the arrival in Taiwan of the ARATS advance team, as well as the arrival of ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin in Taichung this morning (December 21), the itinerary for the Chiang-Chen Talks has been determined. The government made a public explanation immediately after the schedule was finalized, fully realizing the policy of high transparency in cross-strait relations, while also showing that the government has not only adopted a highly mature, steady and paced approach in dealing with the cross-strait negotiations, but it has also properly grasped the situation. The itinerary during the period of the Chiang-Chen Talks is detailed in the following attachment (See Attachment 1).

In response to the opposition party's attempt to discredit the Chiang-Chen Talks as a "black box operation," MAC Deputy Minister Chao Chien-min stated that the MAC, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Economic Affairs explained the contents of the four issues to be discussed at the fourth talks to the media on a regular weekly basis one month ago. The government also has publicly announced progress in the cross-strait communications on related issues. In addition, the MAC has requested that the heads of the competent authorities for the related issues proactively report to Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-Pyng and the various party caucuses. The MAC has also used a variety of channels to strengthen publicity and communication efforts to make various sectors of society well-informed about the talks, thus ensuring a high level of transparency.

Deputy Minster Chao emphasized that the support of parliament and public opinion is a critical and indispensable factor to the successful operation of cross-strait institutionalized negotiations. Based on the current foundation, the MAC will further strengthen communications with various sectors of society in hopes of forging the greatest consensus through tolerance and reconciliation. The MAC also hopes that the various sectors of society in Taiwan can rationally and pragmatically regard the government's promotion of cross-strait institutionalized negotiations between the SEF and the ARATS.