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The MAC Urged the CCP to Actively Respond to the People’s Rightful Call for Adjustments to Draconian Lockdowns

  • Date:2022-11-29

MAC Press Release No. 031

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) released the following press release to address the incidents breaking out in mainland China over the past few days as a result of the authorities’ draconian lockdowns, incidents surrounding tragedies involving human casualties and protests sparked across the country among the public and university students. The MAC expressed grave concerns and stated that the council has been paying tremendous attention to these developments. The MAC extended condolences to the regrettable casualties caused by the stringent zero-COVID lockdowns; the MAC also called for the authorities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to respect and protect people's fundamental rights such as living a normal life, exercising freedom of speech, and enjoying free movement. Moreover, the MAC urged the CCP to promptly answer the people’s call by easing its unreasonable and excessive controls and start handling the protests rationally and peacefully.

  The MAC noted that, both in the Taiwan society across all sectors and in the international community, there has been ongoing attention to the social phenomena and developments relevant to the widespread frustration in mainland China with the CCP’s zero-COVID policy. Out of humanitarian consideration for the fact that the mainland Chinese people have long been denied fair treatment, the MAC called on the CCP authorities to promptly adopt reasonable and proportional COVID prevention measures, gradually adjust and relax harsh restrictions, protect the basic rights and interests of the people, and guarantee their freedom of movement. The CCP should actively listen and respond to the people’s legitimate demands so the mainland Chinese society can soon return to normal.

  The MAC also called on Taiwanese citizens in mainland China to closely follow relevant developments, stay alert, and mind their own safety. The MAC and the Straits Exchange Foundation will remain in close contact and stand ready to provide timely and necessary assistance.