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MAC Solemnly Refutes Taiwan Affairs Office's Distortion of President Tsai's Cross-Strait Policy

  • Date:2024-01-11

MAC Press Release No. 002

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) responded today (January 11, 2024) to yet another criticism of President Tsai's cross-Strait policy with distorted arguments by a spokesperson of mainland China's Taiwan Affairs Office. The MAC reiterated that the Republic of China is a sovereign state. That "Taiwan and mainland China are not subordinate to each other" is an objective fact and it is the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. President Tsai has consistently upheld the "Four Commitments" in her cross-Strait policy line without acting provocatively or rashly, or yielding to pressure. She has firmly defended national sovereignty, security, and Taiwan's free and democratic system, and stabilized the situation across the Taiwan Strait. This has been unanimously recognized by mainstream public opinion in Taiwan and the international community.

  The MAC indicated that, for nearly eight years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have persistently sought to force Taiwan to accept their political framework of the "one China principle” by intensifying military threats and economic coercion. This is the root cause of instability in the Taiwan Strait.

  The MAC called on the CCP authorities to promptly abandon their rigid thinking, cease all negative actions, and seriously consider President Tsai's goodwill proposal to "develop a mutually acceptable foundation for interaction and a path to peaceful coexistence." They should also face the cross-Strait status quo with more confidence, remove their self-imposed and unreasonable obstacles, and engage in communication and dialogue with Taiwan to resolve cross-Strait antagonism and differences and create favorable conditions for long-term peace and prosperous development across the Taiwan Strait.