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No Amount of CCP Election Interference can Shake Taiwan's Democratic Electoral System

  • Date:2024-01-09

MAC Press Release No. 001

  Mainland China's Ministry of Commerce stated today (January 9, 2024) that it is mulling the suspension of tariff reductions for agricultural, fishery, machinery, car components, textile and other products under the early harvest list of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA). The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) solemnly protested this announcement and again warned mainland China that it should not underestimate the wisdom of the Taiwanese people. Mainland China's repeated attempts at election interference will only backfire.

  Taiwan has repeatedly expressed a willingness to negotiate disputed cross-Strait issues concerning trade in goods with mainland China under the existing framework. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has turned a deaf ear to Taiwan’s calls as it is clearly aimed at meddling with our elections.

  The CCP falsely claimed that it would not intervene in Taiwan's elections, and yet it continues to interfere by various means to influence voting behavior in Taiwan. The MAC condemns the CCP authorities' actions in the strongest terms. It also advises the CCP authorities not to think that they can intimidate the people of Taiwan or force us to submit the way they rule the mainland Chinese people.

  The MAC also urged the people of Taiwan to see through the CCP's attempts at election interference. The defense of Taiwan's freedom and democracy depends on us. Caving in cannot protect our interests. Only by blocking the CCP's campaign to undermine our democratic and free system and rejecting the CCP's unreasonable infringement of Taiwan's industries will we be able to safeguard Taiwan's long-term interests and lasting peace and stability.