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MAC Announces Winners of the 17th Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award

  • Date:2013-11-13

November 13, 2013
No. 83

Winners of the 17th Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award sponsored by the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) were announced today (November 13, 2013). MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi affirmed the important significance of the activity. He also emphasized that the focal point of cross-strait news and media exchanges is not on the establishment of permanent media offices or the number of reporters dispatched. Rather, the real key is whether there is a free flow of news information.

The Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award has been held for 17 consecutive years. During this time, the number of awards presented has increased from six to 12 and the number of entries has risen from 64 to 276. Minister Wang said that this development shows that the award has created a professional reputation and established outstanding tradition. It also highlights the rising importance of cross-strait news information in the lives of people on both sides over the years.

Minister Wang said that, through major events such as the removal of restrictions on family-related visits from Taiwan to the Mainland, Koo-Wang Talks, Three Links, opening of Taiwan to Mainland tourists and Mainland students, evolvement of cross-strait relations have led to significant changes in the lives of the people on both sides The developments in cross-strait relations to date can therefore be said to be inextricably entwined; and news professionals are the guides in helping the public notice and understand these phenomena.

Minister Wang also noted that development of new media today has increased the influence of citizen journalism. He cited, as an example, the Southern Weekly incident that occurred in the Mainland at the start of this year. News of the incident quickly spread over the internet and became an issue of concern to people on both sides of the Strait, thus resulted in an exchange of views on the incident and opinions on freedom of the press between the two sides.

In respect to cross-strait media exchanges, Minister Wang said that, although the Mainland media environment has made some progress, its stark contrast with Taiwan's free press environment shows that the other side still has a long way to go. Taiwan is aware that the Mainland side is highly concerned about the establishment of permanent media offices. However, the focal point of cross-strait news and media exchanges is whether there is a free flow of news information, and not whether permanent media offices are established or the number of reporters posted.

Minister Wang further stated that the cross-strait dissemination of information has always been asymmetrical. In Taiwan, the public can access information about the Mainland through a variety of media channels. However, the Mainland people are limited to only a few channels through which they may receive information about Taiwan and are therefore unable to thoroughly understand the rich and diverse value of Taiwanese society. Minister Wang expressed hopes for the Mainland to recognize the importance of the free flow and reciprocal exchange of information across the Taiwan Strait, and further remove the blockade and restriction of information about Taiwan.

In addition to the award presentation ceremony, event organizer Ming Chuan University also held a symposium on the "Impact of New Media on Cross-Strait News and Social Development." Experts and scholars were invited to participate and discuss the impacts and influences new media developments may bring to the media environment and society across the Strait.

The winners awarded for Professional Reporting this year included the United Daily News, Central News Agency, Radio Taiwan International, BBC News Network, TVBS, CTi News, Business Today and Rhythms Monthly. Please see the attachment for a detailed list of the winners in the Newspaper, Radio, Television, Magazine and Citizen Journalism Awards categories.