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The Government Firmly Upholds the Peaceful and Stable Status Quo of Cross-Strait Relations and Calls on Both Sides to Properly Handle Ties across the Strait through Healthy Communication and Dialogue

  • Date:2016-05-20

May 20, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 034

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (May 20th, 2016) expressed the government's following position on statements made by the Mainland concerning cross-Strait relations:

1. The President emphasized that the government will firmly uphold the peaceful and stable status quo of cross-Strait relations and show the maximum flexibility and goodwill based on the existing facts and political foundation. President Tsai Ing-wen emphasized in her inaugural address that the government will conduct cross-Strait affairs in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of China (ROC), the Act Governing Relations Between the People of Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, and other relevant legislation. She also reiterated her respect for the historical fact of the 1992 talks between the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) and the joint acknowledgement of setting aside differences to seek common ground. The government is committed to maintaining the peaceful and stable status quo in cross-Strait relations based on the existing political foundation of the ROC's constitutional system, the achievements from the past 20-plus years of cross-Strait negotiations, exchanges and interaction, democratic principles, and general public opinion. The MAC indicated that President Tsai's message highlighted the establishment of consistent, predictable and sustainable cross-Strait relations, and exhibited attitude and determination to pragmatically handle cross-Strait affairs and show the maximum flexibility and goodwill.

2. We call on the two sides to benefit the people on both sides through healthy communication and dialogue. Regarding Mainland China's statement today, the MAC stressed that maintaining peace and stability across Taiwan Strait is the shared responsibility of both sides. It is also the hope and greatest common denominator of the people on both sides and in international community. The MAC further called on the two sides to set aside their historical baggage, keep open minds, cherish the accumulated results of past cross-Strait negotiations and exchanges, and jointly work to maintain existing mechanisms, including the communication and liaison mechanism and institutionalized negotiation mechanism between the MAC and the Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), and through healthy communication and dialogue to reduce misjudgments, build mutual trust, appropriately handle disputes, and jointly benefit the people on both sides.

3. The government will promote cross-Strait relations in keeping with democratic principles and general public opinion to create and protect the well-being and interests of the people of Taiwan. Democracy is a precious asset of the ROC. It is also a shared value and held firmly principle of the 23 million people of Taiwan. The MAC stressed that, in the future promotion of cross-Strait policy, the government will listen to public opinion, be transparent in decision-making, abide democratic principles and procedures, follow current public opinion and the majority consensus in Taiwan, and adhere to the principles of peace and shared benefits to create the long-term well-being of people in cross-Strait interactions.