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Minister Wang Recieves ARATS Chairman Chen, Affirms SEF and ARATS Negotiation Role and Service Functions

  • Date:2014-02-27

February 27, 2014
Mac News Release No. 026

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Wang Yu-chi stated during a meeting with Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) Chairman Chen Deming and the ARATS negotiation delegation this afternoon (February 27, 2014) that the competent authorities for cross-strait affairs on the two sides have established a liaison and communication mechanism. However, there are still many issues relevant to people's livelihood and well being that must be addressed through the platform of the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) and the ARATS. The two organizations are especially irreplaceable in their function of providing service to Taiwanese businesspeople.

The Tenth Round of Cross-Strait High-Level Talks held between the SEF and the ARATS today concluded the signing of the Cross-Strait Collaboration Agreement on Seismological Monitoring and Cross-Strait Collaboration Agreement on Meteorology; after which the ARATS negotiation delegation met with Minister Wang at the Grand Victoria Hotel, marking Minister Wang's first meeting with the ARATS Chairman since taking office.

Minister Wang first affirmed the outcome of the talks, stating that the two agreements would strengthen natural disaster early warning capabilities of the two sides and protect the safety of the people's lives and property. Minister Wang also expressed hope that both sides would continue, on the basis of the "1992 Consensus," to address realities and promote the development of cross-strait relations.

During the closed-door meeting, Minister Wang especially noted that foreign trade is not a matter of politics but of survival for Taiwan. Taiwan will seek every opportunity favorable to economic development and the Mainland should welcome Taiwan's participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and other arrangements for regional economic integration. Minister Wang said that the two sides are not in a zero-sum relationship and should jointly promote prosperity and development.

Minister Wang said that, after decades of development, Taiwan has become a pluralistic society with multiple viewpoints, and the people of Taiwan are comfortable with their current lifestyle. These are things that must be personally experienced in order to properly understand the public opinions of the Taiwanese people, and would also help advance the development of cross-strait relations.

Over ten participants attended the meeting from both sides, respectively. From the Taiwan side, participants included SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane, MAC specially-appointed Deputy Minister and SEF Vice Chairman Chang Hsien-yao, and other staff of the MAC and SEF. From the Mainland side, attendees included Executive Vice Chairman Zheng Lizhong, Vice Chairman Li Yafei and other personnel of the ARATS.