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MAC Solemnly Refutes the CCP's Remarks Distorting President Tsai's National Day Address

  • Date:2023-10-12

MAC Press Release No. 041

  During President Tsai Ing-wen's nearly eight-year administration, the government has consistently upheld its promises, maintained the cross-Strait status quo, and adhered to the "Four Commitments." We have not acted provocatively or rashly, nor have we yielded to pressure. In the face of hybrid pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against Taiwan, we remain confident, calm, and committed to stabilizing cross-Strait relations. This approach is widely affirmed by the people of Taiwan and the international community.

  The CCP continues to escalate its military intimidation and economic coercion against Taiwan in an effort to compel Taiwan into accepting a "1992 Consensus" premised on its "one China" principle. The government and the people of Taiwan will never accept this irrational demand that downgrades our national sovereignty. The international community has strongly condemned the CCP's attempts to unilaterally change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait and provocations that put regional security at risk. This further confirms that the Beijing authorities are the true "troublemakers" undermining peace in the Taiwan Strait.

  Peace is the only option for both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Maintaining the status quo is the greatest common denominator for all parties. We again call on the CCP to face up to the consensus of public opinion in Taiwan, rationally consider President Tsai's goodwill proposal of a pathway for developing the foundation for cross-Strait interactions and achieving peaceful coexistence. We also urge the CCP to resolve cross-Strait differences through communication and dialogue with Taiwan, and have the courage to shoulder the historical responsibility of maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait.