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Public Speech by Leader Representative Vincent C. Siew at the "Siew-Xi Meeting"

  • Date:2014-11-09

Over the past six-plus years, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity on a foundation built from the "1992 consensus." This is a precious achievement wrought from the collective wisdom and hard work of many senior predecessors on both sides. It should be jointly safeguarded and cherished. I believe that the goals of the two sides in promoting peace and stability are both mutual and firm. We should develop cooperation mechanisms with innovative thinking, jointly examine and consider the challenges while moving forward in development of cross-strait economic and trade relations, and work together for the prosperity of the ethnic Chinese community. As we face future challenges in progressing cross-strait relations, the two sides must insist on "Three No Changes": First, there should be no change in adhering to the objective of jointly safeguarding peaceful developments. Second, there should be no change in adhering to jointly consolidating the "1992 consensus" as an important foundation for cross-strait interactions and negotiations. Third, there should be no change in jointly promoting institutionalized economic cooperation and enhancing the welfare of the people across the Strait. In the pursuit of a sustainable, mutually beneficial and win-win vision across the Strait, and in order to create an improved new framework for cross-strait economic relations, I sincerely hope for the two sides to dedicate efforts in three major directions: First, establish a new mechanism for joint participation in regional integration. Second, build a new model for cross-strait economic cooperation. Third, form a new platform for cross-strait exchanges.