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The MAC Expresses Sympathy and Condolences for the Victims of the China Eastern Airlines Plane Crash and Has Requested the Mainland Chinese Authorities to Promptly Verify If Taiwanese Passengers Were on Board

  • Date:2022-03-21

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Date: March 21, 2022

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (March 21, 2022) expressed sincere condolences and sympathy for the victims in the major tragedy of a China Eastern Airlines carrier crashing in Guangxi.

  The MAC stressed that the mainland Chinese authorities have already activated emergency mechanisms and launched a full-scale search and rescue effort. Through the Straits Exchange Foundation, the Civil Aeronautics Administration, and other related agencies, the MAC has also been closely monitoring developments of the situation and requested the mainland Chinese authorities to promptly verify if any Taiwanese passengers were on board; Taiwan is willing to provide any necessary assistance. The government hopes that the mainland Chinese authorities will duly handle this incident and related damage. It is essential that mainland China finds out the cause of the accident to ensure the safety of passengers and civil aviation operations.