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MAC Announces Hong Kong Humanitarian Aid Project and Establishes the Taiwan-Hong Kong Office for Exchanges and Services to Provide Necessary Assistance to Hong Kong Citizens

  • Date:2020-06-18

Date: June 18, 2020

MAC Press Release No. 35

        The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (June 18, 2020) stated that the Hong Kong Humanitarian Aid Project (hereinafter "the Project") has been planned according to instructions by the President and premier. The Project was put in place to correspond to the CCP’s imposition of the National Security Law on Hong Kong, an action of which has caused unrest in its society. The Project was approved by the Executive Yuan today, and will be responsible for operations of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Office for Exchanges and Services (hereinafter the Office) established under the Project. The Office will officially commence operations starting July 1,  through which streamlined services and necessary care for the Hong Kong people will be provided.

        The MAC stated that the Project will integrate related resources through inter-agency coordination with necessary funding from the government. It aims to provide friendly and streamlined services and basic care for Hong Kong citizens arriving in Taiwan in need of assistance, as well as for Hong Kong-based multinational companies and international corporations relocating to Taiwan. The Project also hopes to attract Hong Kong capital and talent to strengthen and expand Taiwan's economic development.

        The MAC indicated that the Office is a contact window, established under the existing Taiwan-Hong Kong exchange promotion platform of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Co-operation Council (THEC), specifically for the purpose of providing public services. The Office will consist of three sections dedicated to "consultation services," "program management," and "administrative affairs." It will provide special consultation and assistance services for Hong Kong citizens in Taiwan for study, employment, investment, entrepreneurship, immigration, and residency, as well as for multinational enterprises and international corporations relocating to Taiwan. The Office will also pragmatically handle affairs related to humanitarian assistance and care for Hong Kong citizens based on national security considerations, in keeping with existing laws and regulations, and by means of public-private partnerships.

        The MAC stressed that implementation of the Project fully demonstrates the determination and goodwill of the government to support the Hong Kong people in protecting their democracy, freedom, and human rights, as well as to provide care for them. The Office will therefore also provide a service hotline (2700-3199). This initiative represents Taiwan's long-term goodwill towards Hong Kong. It also symbolizes the enduring adherence to universal values by all sides. (Consultation Hotline: 2700-3199, 2397-1088)