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MAC Strongly Condemns the CCP for Luring Away Taiwan's Diplomatic Ally and Undermining the Cross-Strait Status Quo

  • Date:2024-01-15

MAC Press Release No. 005

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued the following press release today (January 15, 2024) in solemn protest against the manipulations by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that led to the Republic of Nauru severing diplomatic relations with the Republic of China and restoring diplomatic ties with the Beijing authorities:

1. The CCP intentionally chose to wield "money diplomacy" and induce the Republic of Nauru into severing ties with Taiwan at the moment when the Republic of China had successfully completed its 8th direct presidential election and the world unanimously lauded Taiwan for achieving another major democratic accomplishment. The MAC strongly condemns this suppression of Taiwan's international space and sovereign status.

2. The MAC solemnly warned the Beijing authorities that poaching the Republic of China’s democratic allies will not win them respect from the international community. On the contrary, it has only further highlighted to the world Taiwan's democratic achievements and contributions to the global community, garnering more friendship and support for Taiwan from around the world. Justice will prevail. We urge the CCP to immediately cease such zero-sum thinking that harms all parties involved.

3. Our government will continue to build on Taiwan's determination and resilience, promote unity across party lines and all sectors of society, and cooperate with diplomatic allies and like-minded countries. We are committed to maintaining regional and cross-Strait peace and stability. We will also defend Taiwan's due international status and rights with concrete action.