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The Government Expressed Serious Concerns Over Reports Indicating That The Hong Kong Court-appointed Liquidator of Next Digital Is To Appoint Liquidator & Commence the Liquidation Process of Apple Daily (Taiwan)

  • Date:2022-09-01

MAC Press Release No. 019

1. The government expressed serious concerns over media reports indicating that the liquidator of Hong Kong's Next Digital, appointed by the Hong Kong court, is to appoint the responsible person of a Taiwanese company to commence the liquidation process of Apple Daily (Taiwan) (i.e. Apple Daily Publication Development Limited Taiwan Branch (H.K.)).

2. The implementation of the draconian Hong Kong National Security Law was the main reason why Hong Kong's Next Digital saw its senior executives arrested and the company liquidated last year. All related court judgments and actions adjudicated under this ruthless law shall not be recognized under the laws of Taiwan as they (1) violate the provisions outlawing foreign court rulings contrary to the public policy or morals of the Republic of China, namely Article 42 of the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs and Article 402 of the Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure and (2) have not, till today, been recognized by Taiwan’s court as final or biding rulings; therefore, any actions pertaining to the liquidation ruling in question are therefore void under Taiwan’s law.

3. If the Hong Kong government pressed ahead with its forcible application of the Hong Kong National Security Law to Taiwan, Taiwan’s competent authorities would immediately take relevant actions in accordance with Taiwan’s law to stop the extraterritorial reach of this draconian law. The Mainland Affairs Council also solemnly called on Taiwan citizens involved not to cooperate in the enforcement of this ruthless law to avoid violating the law of Taiwan.