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The Government will Continue to Conscientiously Care for Rights and Interests of Mainland Spouses with Full Consideration

  • Date:2016-06-14

June 14, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 39

On the issue of the period required for Mainland spouses to obtain an identity card, Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Katharine Chang today (June 14, 2016) stated that the government places the greatest importance on ensuring that all new residents can smoothly adapt to their new homeland of Taiwan and receive even better assistance and care.

Minister Chang said that the MAC has always adhered to the principle of "accommodation in humanitarian assistance" and "strictness in residence ID approval" and is committed to protecting the employment, health, community involvement rights of Mainland spouses in Taiwan. Health insurance coverage, deposit account opening, and remittance restrictions for Mainland spouses living in Taiwan have been relaxed, and work permit conditions for Mainland spouses have been eased several times, attesting to the conscientious care given to Mainland spouses in Taiwan.

Minister Chang stressed that the MAC adheres to the principle of "accommodation in humanitarian assistance" and "strictness in residence ID approval." It will comprehensively consider the protection of the rights of new residents, the burden on society, national security, and other factors in its progressive review of related policies.