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Control Yuan Committee on Internal and Minority Nationality Affairs Conducts Routine Circuit Supervision at the MAC

  • Date:2013-10-29

October 29, 2013
No. 81

Eight Members of the Control Yuan, including Convener Lin Chu-liang of the Committee on Internal and Minority Nationality, conducted a routine circuit supervision at the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) this afternoon (October 29, 2013). Minister Wang Yu-chi led the MAC staff, including Deputy Ministers, Secretary General, Counselors, Directors and heads of Departments in a briefing to the Members on matters of concern to the Control Yuan and the overall responsibilities and performance of the MAC.

Minister Wang stated in the meeting that, since 2008, the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) have held nine high-level talks, signed 19 agreements and reached two consensuses, through which have facilitated exchanges on direct sea and air transport links, Mainland tourist visits to Taiwan, mutual judicial assistance and economic cooperation, and has ushered in a new era of peace and stability across the Strait. The two sides have also established "mechanism-to-mechanism" and "official-to-official" modes of negotiation.

Minister Wang said that he and Director Zhang Zhijun of the Mainland's Taiwan Affairs Office exchanged brief pleasantries and addressed each other by their official titles during a spontaneous exchange outside the 2013 APEC Annual Meeting. These actions fully demonstrate that the development of cross-strait relations is moving steadily towards "addressing realities and mutual non-denial", and also act as an important milestone in the institutionalization of cross-strait relations. Such developments have laid a solid foundation for the establishment of normal communication and liaison mechanisms across the Strait and are conducive to deepening cross-strait relations and accumulating mutual trust.

Minister Wang also mentioned that, in conjunction with relevant agencies, the MAC has completed draft amendments to many sections of the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area. These amendments cover the protection of the rights and interests of Mainland spouses, adjustment of the period of residency required before Mainland spouses may obtain identity cards to four to eight years (Article 17), inclusion of Mainland students in the National Health Insurance system to equal treatment given to foreign students (Article 22), normalization of the Mini Three Links (Article 93-4 and Article 95-1), and avoidance of double taxation across the Taiwan Strait (Article 25-2). The draft amendments are currently under procedural review in the Legislative Yuan, and the MAC will continue communication with and explanation to the Legislative Yuanso as to facilitate completion of the amendment process. In regards to promoting the establishment of reciprocal institutions by the SEF and the ARATS, the MAC will sequentially carry out work related to the functions, administrative support and other aspects of the institution establishment, and will also continue to fully communicate with the Legislative Yuanand the public, in keeping with the principles of openness and transparency.

The MAC provided detailed explanations on its handling of matters of concern to the Control Yuan Members, such as strengthening communication and promotion mechanisms for the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement, responding to developments in cross-strait economic and trade exchanges, protecting the rights and interests of Mainland students studying in Taiwan, and strengthening mechanisms for inter-agency coordination. Minister Wang said that the MAC would prudently and pragmatically promote cross-strait affairs and, in consultation with relevant authorities, continue to strengthen security management mechanisms and legal systems for cross-strait exchanges to prevent illegal behavior in the course of exchanges.