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MAC Statement on 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Incident

  • Date:2014-06-03

June 3, 2014
Mac News Release No. 052

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (June 3, 2014) issued a statement on the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident. The statement urged for mainland China to squarely face and actively reflect upon the major significance of the Tiananmen Square Incident and turn this historical scar into an opportunity and force for reform and transformation in the Mainland.

The MAC stated that the tragic history of the Tiananmen Square Incident must not be forgotten. Wounds may only be healed once history has been confronted, and thereby become a transformational force pushing forward.. Mainland China has repeatedly declared comprehensive promotion for deeper reforms, the MAC hopes the Mainland may take history into reference and actively promote reforms evident to the public. The MAC further stressed that the Mainland authorities should also show sincerity by shouldering responsibility, making reconciliation, and treating kindly June 4th Incident victims and families. The Mainland authorities should also respect and be tolerant of diverse opinions in society, protect human rights of Mainland dissents and activists, concretely implement pledges made by the Mainland in the White Paper on Human Rights, promote civil rights, and create a better political and social environment.

The MAC further pointed out that advancing the people’s well being is the core value and common goal in the development of cross-strait relations. Over the past six-plus years of cross-strait negotiations and dialogue, the government has communicated and exchanged with the Mainland side on important human rights issues such as protection of personal safety and humanitarian care. The government has also deepened cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, while at the same time, also promoted universal values of democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law across the Strait. At this critical juncture when the Mainland is promoting comprehensive and deep reforms, Taiwan is willing to continuously share its experiences in development with the Mainland, in hope for mutual betterment and realization of a “people-centered" vision across the Strait.