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The CCP Must Immediately Stop Its Repeated Military Provocations and Illegitimate Political Maneuvers

  • Date:2022-08-06

MAC Press Release No. 012

  The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) released the following statement today (August 6, 2022) in response to the actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the recent days. The CCP has been continuing with its high-intensity military exercises around Taiwan as part of a simulation for an attack and a blockade in order to intimidate Taiwan and neighboring countries. Meanwhile, CCP officials such as Foreign Minister Wang Yi have been persistently and openly distorting truths on the international stage, blaming others for the CCP’s own actions jeopardizing peace across the Taiwan Strait, and smearing our national leader with vulgar language. The MAC once again expresses our condemnation to mainland China’s military intimidation, serious encroachment of our national sovereignty, and violent and aggressive strikes that affect regional security. We solemnly warn that the Beijing authorities must be rational, exercise restraint, and immediately stop all of its belligerent behaviors.

  The MAC emphasized that the Republic of China is a sovereign state; the fact that the Republic of China and the People’s Republic of China are not subordinate to each other is an objective truth and cross-Strait status quo. From the perspectives of history, international law, and cross-Strait reality, Taiwan has never been, and will never be, subordinate to the People’s Republic of China. The future of the Republic of China (Taiwan) can only be determined by its 23 million people. The CCP has been making fallacious sovereignty claims over Taiwan with its truth-defying “one China” principle and with its misinterpretation of the United Nations resolution; meanwhile, the CCP has embarked on irrational military moves in an attempt to not only disrupt the cross-Strait and regional status quo but challenge the rules-based international order, which have already sparked harsh criticism and fierce opposition from the international community, including the G7 and many democratic countries. The CCP authorities’ bellicose responses only serve to highlight the sheer absurdity of their political views and the self-deceit and desperation of diplomats such as Wang Yi. 

  The MAC indicated that the CCP has never renounced the use of force against Taiwan. Over the past few days, the CCP has fired multiple ballistic missiles and carried out large-scale incursions with its military aircraft and warships around Taiwan. Meanwhile, the CCP has sought to justify its economic coercion and retaliation with preposterous excuses against related Taiwanese organizations, enterprises, agricultural industries, and fishery businesses. Moreover, the CCP has been arresting and detaining Taiwan citizens, brutally slandering our national leader, etc. These actions constitute a grave menace to peace across the Taiwan Strait and in the Indo-Pacific region, and have caused widespread and intense concern from the global community. Taiwan is a responsible member of the international community; our government has remained calm and rational in this situation. We will firmly safeguard our national sovereignty, security, and the line of defense for freedom and democracy. We also call on members of the global democratic community to continue supporting Taiwan and jointly curb authoritarian regimes’ irresponsible actions, especially military adventurism and sabotage of peace.