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MAC Affirmed and Relieved by the Successful Evacuation of the First Group of Taiwanese People Stranded in Wuhan

  • Date:2020-02-04

MAC Press Release No. 15

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that the first group of 247 Taiwanese people stranded in Wuhan boarded a Lunar New Year's holiday supplemental flight at Wuhan Tianhe Airport on February 3rd evening and arrived at Taoyuan Airport around 11:00 PM. The MAC affirmed and was relieved by the smooth evacuation an achievement accomplished through communication between multiple parties and with joint efforts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
The MAC stated the government’s concern for the health and safety of Taiwanese people stranded in mainland China. It also stated that, the government relentlessly urged for the Mainland side to duly care for our people through existing cross-Strait channels and also, communicated with the other side on evacuation arrangements through various channels. The government’s top priority in the evacuation was to guarantee a smooth and successful return, while at the same time also ensure safe and convenient transportation procedures and compliance with disease prevention regulations. Based on disease-prevention-first and humanitarian principles, the two sides agreed to arrange for the Taiwanese in Wuhan to be evacuated through Lunar New Year holiday supplemental flight operations.
The MAC further explained that, the Mainland ensured they would rigorously implement necessary disease prevention measures, duly carry out disinfection work and health checks, exclude diagnosed or suspected cases of coronavirus from boarding, and perform thorough personal hygiene and epidemic prevention measures throughout the flight. After the flight’s arrival on February 3rd near midnight, the Taiwan government also strictly implemented relevant quarantine measures. All passengers were required to undergo fever screening; passenger with suspected symptoms were hospitalized for medical treatment according to regulations while passengers without symptoms were placed under centralized quarantine measures and given suitable temporary accommodations. The quarantine zone adheres to a “one person per room” principle, with each quarantined individual’s activity restricted to their respective rooms. Residents in the vicinity of the quarantine zone may rest assured that the quarantined will have no access to outside contact.
The MAC stated that, on the basis of joint cooperation between the two sides in evacuating this first group of Taiwanese people in Wuhan, the two sides will continue communication concerning arrangements for the remaining stranded Taiwanese. Such arrangements will  prioritize first, the people’s life and health, while also ensure transportation safety, convenience, and meeting disease prevention needs. The Mainland media has reported that a second group of Taiwanese people would return on February 5th; this is a false report, as the two sides have yet to engage in contact or talks on this matter.