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MAC Supports Withdrawal of Council of Indigenous Peoples Delegation from Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo

  • Date:2016-10-20

Date: October 20, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 75

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) expressed regrets over the Mainland's demand that the Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) not use its full agency title at the 2016 Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo and the forced removal of the name. The MAC supports the withdrawal of the CIP delegation from the expo to show its determination to protest.

The MAC stressed that the government has always adhered to the principle of equality and dignity in promoting cross-Strait cultural exchanges. Related exchange activities should contribute to mutual understanding and positive interaction between the people on both sides. We also hope that the Mainland can take a mutually respectful attitude and not bring political considerations into exchange activities to create difficulties for cross-Strait relations.