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Mainland Affairs Council

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MAC Minister Chang Hsiao-yueh Visits Matsu to Inspect Mini Three Links Operations

  • Date:2017-08-08

Date: August 8, 2017

MAC Press Release No. 057


        Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Chang Hsiao-yueh visited Matsu on August 7 and 8 to inspect the state of implementation of the Mini Three Links and achievements of local promotion of tourism from mainland China. Accompanied by MAC Deputy Minister Chiu Chui-cheng and other colleagues, Minister Chang traveled to the new Passenger Terminal in Fuao Port area to review the status of Mini Three Links operations. She also called on Magistrate Liu Cheng-ying, Legislator Chen Hsueh-sheng, Speaker Chang Yuan-chiang, and others for extensive exchanges of views on cross-Strait exchanges, local tourism promotion, and other issues.

        Minister Chang noted that the Mini Three Links play an important role in the development of cross-Strait relations and exchanges. The government will continue the preferential position of the Mini Three Links for early and pilot implementation. It will also assist in resolving issues related to shipping via the Mini Three Links to maintain the convenience of such operations.

        During the visit, Minister Chang went to Fuao Port in Nangang and Baisha Port in Beigan to inspect the status of shipping operations and personnel exchanges via the Mini Three Links. She also interacted with Mini Three Links service personnel stationed in the Matsu area from various central government agencies and personnel of the Lienchiang County government to gain a factual understanding of related issues and thank colleagues for their hard work.

        Minister Chang indicated that this year is the 30th anniversary of cross-Strait exchanges. Exchanges via the Mini Three Links have played a pivotal role in cross-Strait contacts in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The MAC is organizing a Mini Three Links conference with related units in September this year. Persons from the industrial, government, academic, and research sectors will be invited to participate in the conference to broadly collect the views and suggestions of the local public, and look at the past and future development of the Mini Three Links. Minister Chang also invited Magistrate Liu, Legislator Chen and Speaker Chang to participate in the conference on the 30th anniversary of cross-Strait exchanges.