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MAC and SEF Console Victims' Families, Express Mourning and Offer Assistance

  • Date:2016-07-22

Date: July 22, 2016

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Deputy Minister Chang Tien-Chin went to the Chuto Plaza Hotel in Taoyuan today (July 22, 2016) at 7:00 pm to express care to the families of the victims of the July 19 highway accident. He was joined by acting Chairman of Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Chen De-Sin, acting SEF Secretary-General Chen Jung-Yuan, MAC Secretary-General, and SEF Deputy Secretary-General Lee Li-Jane. Deputy Minister Chang said that both sides of the Strait feel a great sorrow over the 26 precious lives lost in the highway accident. The main purpose of his visit today was to express sympathy and care to the families of the victims. The MAC understands and sympathizes with the great sorrow felt by the victims' families. The relevant departments are willing to listen to the opinions of the families, actively provide related information, answer questions, and do the utmost to make related arrangements so that the deceased may complete their final journey and in the hope that their families and friends may find peace and consolation.