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The MAC Voices Strong Dissatisfaction and Regret over Mainland Authorities' Cajoling of São Tomé and Príncipe into Breaking off Diplomatic Relations with Taiwan

  • Date:2016-12-21

Date: December 21, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 91

1.The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) today (December 21, 2016) issued a solemn statement expressing that the government has voiced strong dissatisfaction and regret over mainland China's international use of checkbook diplomacy and manipulation of its so-called "one China principle" to cajole Taiwan's diplomatic allies the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe into breaking off diplomatic relations with Taiwan. This move by the other side hurts the feelings of the people of Taiwan, undermines the stability of the cross-Strait situation, and runs completely contrary to the Mainland's claims to promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.

2.Since May 20, Taiwan has continued to show goodwill to the Chinese authorities. However, mainland China still maliciously and repeatedly suppresses Taiwan's international space. We do not identify with the rigid thinking of reverting to the old path of confrontation and opposition. We solemnly appeal that the Mainland must clearly recognize the facts across the Taiwan Strait and seriously face up to the possible consequences of their unilateral actions. The government of the Republic of China will staunchly defend the sovereignty and dignity of the nation and the interests and welfare of the people.