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The Taiwanese People will Never Accept "One Country, Two Systems" nor Unification Negotiation which Eliminates ROC Sovereignty

  • Date:2019-01-02

Date: January 2, 2019

MAC Press Release No. 1


        The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) issued the following solemn statement today (January 2, 2019) on the speech delivered by mainland Chinese leader commemorating the 40th anniversary of the so-called "Message to Compatriots in Taiwan."


1. Beijing's statement on Taiwan reflects its urgency to accelerate unification. This speech is a high-level united front propaganda aimed at promoting unification and polarizing Taiwan. The two sides have been divided by the Taiwan Strait and separately governed for 70 years, during which time the situation on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and globally has dramatically changed. Regretfully Beijing has stubbornly advanced unification work under a unilaterally defined "one China principle" and "one country, two systems" that belittles Taiwan,   and yet failed to mention its ruthless suppression of Taiwan, disrespect for Taiwan's democratic system and the people's right to choice, and elimination of communication and contact with the Taiwan's governing authority. This is not only unacceptable to Taiwan, but also runs counter to the trend of the times for the outlook of cross-Strait relations.


2. "Democratic consultations" premised on "one China" are unification negotiations aim to divide Taiwan and eliminate ROC sovereignty. The essence of the cross-Strait issue is that each side insists that it belongs to Republic of China (ROC) and "People's Republic of China" respectively. This insistence has endured confrontation and rapprochement between the two sides, and yet hitherto unchanged. The Mainland authorities insist that the "People's Republic of China" is the sole legitimate government representing China and have never faced up to the reality that the ROC still exists. The "democratic consultations" and "political negotiations" proposed by the mainland Chinese leader today leave no space for the ROC's survival. It is impossible for an authoritarian regime to conduct "democratic consultations", while Taiwan will not accept any proposal that eliminates our sovereignty. "One country, two systems" in Hong Kong has brought the demise of the Hong Kong people's freedom, rule of law, and human rights. This is absolutely unacceptable to the people of Taiwan. Cross-Strait political issues are thorny. However, Beijing's overbearing and divisive actions are of no use to help the development of cross-Strait relations, but rather  an excuse for Beijing to interfere in Taiwan's society.


3. The ROC will maintain cross-Strait peace and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty. The MAC stressed that the ROC promotes relevant cross-Strait policy measures based on freedom, democracy, peace, human rights, and other values, in order to bring a positive and active energy for the development of cross-Strait relations, as well as exchanges and interactions in various fields. Taiwan has worked hard over the years to maintain the peaceful and stable development of cross-Strait relations, which is in consistent with the fundamental interests of both sides and this region. As mainland China attempts to undermine the status quo and encroach on Taiwan's sovereignty, the "four musts" and the "three-part security network" mentioned in President Tsai Ing-wen’s 2019 New Year's Talk are the keys to safeguarding Taiwan's interests. We also warn the Mainland authorities to never misjudge the situation, nor to act upon unilateral decisions. The position and determination of Taiwanese people to staunchly safeguard the nation's sovereignty and dignity will never change. The government also hopes that the ruling and opposition parties will stand collectively to safeguard Taiwan's sovereignty and our overall interests.