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MAC Solemnly Protests the Deportation of 13 Taiwanese Suspects from Cambodia to the Mainland and Appeals to the Mainland to Set Aside Prejudices and Jointly Formulate Proper Approaches through Positive Communication and Full Dialogue between the Two Sides

  • Date:2016-09-20

Date: September 20, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 66

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that, upon learning that the Mainland intends to detain and deport 13 Taiwanese nationals involved in telecommunications fraud in Cambodia, it immediately demanded through cross-Strait liaison mechanisms that the Mainland actively coordinate the relevant departments. The involved Taiwanese nationals should be allowed to return to Taiwan for trial according to law and should not be deported to the mainland China.

After confirming today (September 20, 2016) that 13 Taiwanese nationals were taken into custody and deported to mainland China, the MAC again voiced deep regrets to the Mainland and issued a solemn protest. Such unilateral actions by the Mainland not only damage the foundation of cross-Strait cooperation and mutual trust, but also ignore Taiwan's repeated appeals demanding that both sides deport their respective nationals to undergo trial according to law. This action further seriously harms the feelings of the Taiwanese people. The MAC said it has demanded that, after the involved Taiwanese nationals are deported to mainland China, the Mainland should promptly make notification of restrictions to personal freedom, as stipulated under the Cross-Strait Agreement on Joint Crime-Fighting and Judicial Mutual Assistance, protect the relevant judicial rights of Taiwanese nationals in the Mainland, and follow due process. The Mainland should also promptly assist in arranging matters related to family visits based the position of humanitarian concerns.

The MAC stressed that pragmatically resolving related problems, stopping the arrogance of criminal syndicates in cross-border telecommunications fraud, reducing the people's losses, and effectively protecting the rights and interests of the people are the most important and earnestly hoped for matters in helping the people of both sides. The MAC called on the Mainland to set aside prejudices and, on the existing basis of cooperation and through benign communication and dialogue between the two sides, jointly formulate a proper approach to more strongly protect the interests and well-being of the people on both sides.

The MAC stated that the government will also continue to endeavor to communicate with the Mainland to seek the return of the involved Taiwanese nationals to Taiwan already deported to mainland China for investigation and trial according to law.