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Cross-Strait Leaders to Meet in Singapore on November 7

  • Date:2015-11-04

Date: November 4, 2015
MAC Press Release No. 60

Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Andrew Hsia convened a press conference today (November 4, 2015) to explain matters related to the meeting to be held between President Ma Ying-jeou and Mainland leader Xi Jinping in Singapore on November 7 (Saturday). The MAC stated that this is the first meeting between the leaders of the two sides in the 66 years of seperate governance across the Taiwan Strait and has important implications for the development of cross-strait relations. President Ma will also hold an international press conference tomorrow (November 5, 2015) to report to the nation.

Minister Hsia stressed at the press conference that the most important objectives of the meeting are to "consolidate cross-strait peace and maintain the Taiwan Strait status quo." The Taiwan side has insisted that arrangements and plans be made under the principle of "reciprocity and dignity." No agreements will be signed, no joint statements will be issued, and national sovereignty and dignity will be firmly safeguarded. To respect congressional oversight and strengthen communication with all political parties, the Office of the President, Executive Yuan, and the MAC this morning briefed Legislative Yuan President Wang Jin-pyng about the meeting. President Wang expressed support for any dialogue beneficial to cross-strait peace and regional stability. In the afternoon, Premier Mao and MAC Minister Hsia further briefed Legislative Yuan President Wang and the ruling and opposition parties on related matters.

The MAC said that the government has upheld the cross-strait status quo of "no unification, no independence and no use of force" under the ROC Constitution framework and, based on the 1992 Consensus of “one China, with respective interpretations,”the two sides have developed institutionalized cross-strait negotiations, normal official interactions, and exchanges and cooperation in various fields. The results of peace over the past seven-plus years are affirmed by the Taiwanese people and the international community. Minister Hsia noted that, on the basis of institutionalized cross-strait relations, the establishment of positive interaction and dialogue between leaders of the two sides marks a major historic milestone in cross-strait developments.

The MAC stressed that the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations conforms to the common interests of both sides and the international community. The meeting between the cross-strait leaders is a positive message underscoring the determination of the two sides to maintain positive cross-strait interactions and jointly safeguard peace in the Taiwan Strait. It will help to strengthen cross-strait peace and prosperity and promote regional security and stability. President Ma's trip is to ensure Taiwan's long-term future development and to safeguard the people's welfare, rights and interests. It is hoped that such meetings will become part of regular cross-strait relations and further enhance mutual trust across the Strait. It is also hoped that all parties will view the meeting with a positive attitude and extend their fullest support.