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Government: Mainland Media Reporters are Welcome to Visit Taiwan and Should Apply for Entry According to the Relevant Regulations

  • Date:2017-01-13

Date: January 13, 2017
MAC Press Release No. 003

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that the reciprocal dissemination of cross-Strait news information is conducive to mutual understanding between the people on the two sides. The government has always supported and promoted cross-Strait news media interaction and exchange. It also welcomes mainland Chinese reporters to engage, according to the relevant regulations, in professional activities in Taiwan to understand the status of social development in Taiwan.

The Regulations Governing the Trial Operation of Transportation Links Between Kinmen/Matsu/Penghu and the Mainland Area stipulate that a sponsoring organization shall apply to the National Immigration Agency (NIA) according to the "Online Application System for People of the Mainland Area to Enter and Exit Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu to Engage in Art, Cultural, and Business Exchanges" for mainland Chinese people to enter Kinmen to report news. Regarding news coverage, the MAC respects the NIA's authority and responsibility to investigate and identify mainland Chinese reporters who have not been authorized by the NIA to enter Kinmen to cover the news.